Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Going to Winnebago Industries and 2 maps of our travels (mid-Sep and mid-Oct)

Forest City IA As I sit writing this the winds are blowing, yet not as strong as yesterday, and we are sitting in the "campground" at Winnebago Industries in Forest City, Iowa.  We had not planned this stop in our original, somewhat fluid, plans but that's the beauty of this trip.  Nothing is really wrong but there are a few questions and small issues that we figured we'd attend to since we were only 1.5 hours away while in Rochester MN.  We do not have an appointment so we are here as what is called a non-appointment.  But how cool, other than having to take our parking permit across to Customer Service each morning to have it renewed for another day, we are free camping with 50 amps of electric (you usually pay a premium price for it in campgrounds) and have water and shower facilities available along with free WiFi.  And the WiFi?  Better than that in any of the private campgrounds that advertise it and way better than having to stay on data when we are in state/national parks.  One caveat though, we still prefer the park campgrounds which usually have larger sites, include hiking/biking trails and if we have chosen one, a lake or river.  As seniors we use all federally owned campgrounds for 50% off so not having WiFi is an easy trade.  We may be here for awhile, since our "check back" time is Friday and they don't work on weekends but it'll be a chance to get some of the projects that we haven't gotten to and some cleaning done. And we are meeting other Winnebago owners here for the same reason and it has been fun.  Many are also retired full timers and most are from the western states. To take you to the next post about Forest City click here and to see photos from the drives see here

This is the first update of how far we'd traveled by mid-SEP 2015

As of OCT 19, hopefully, we will be in St Louis MO.  As I write this we are still near Hannibal MO waiting for our car to be repaired with plans for St Louis by Mon.
UPDATE: We arrived in St Louis on Oct 19 and would leave Oct 26 for Eminence AR

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  1. Great to see the map. Impressive how much ground you've already covered.


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