Saturday, October 10, 2015

Minnesota Iowa and Wisconsin Pictures from the drives

This is a collection of photos I've taken from the MoHo on our drives from Minneapolis to Rochester MN, Rochester MN to Forest City IA, Forest City to McGregor IA and then McGregor to Dubuque IA (though most of the time we were on the east bank of the Mississippi River, in Wisconsin).  There are no pics on the drive from Dubuque to Davenport because I got to drive!  :-)  Yes, the steering, about which Don was concerned, improved greatly after the wheels were aligned and balanced and new tires were put on the front.

Minneapolis to Rochester
It was 9-11

Basilica of St Mary's

Office Building Bloomington, MN

Farm on Rte 52

Can anyone explain this?


REI Bloomington MN

Another Office Building

Train cars

US Bank 
There seemed to be many glass buildings and they reflected the sky and clouds beautifully.

Rochester, MN to Forest City, IA
It was mostly wide expanses of corn fields though we were happy to see quite a number of wind farms.  With the way the wind comes across they catch a lot and generate a lot of energy

Forest City to McGregor IA

Barns and Farms
              (This IS the Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area after all)

                                            (note the moon in the first one)

Long stretches of road with lots of corn and very few cars

And every once in a while something that hearkens back to an earlier time.  This is in Garner IA and it's a drive-in restaurant

The drive from McGregor to Dubuque IA was mostly in Wisconsin where the road was supposed to be better but was awful much of the way.

First Colors

The Lady Luck Casino on the McGregor side of the bridge to WI

The Mississippi Bridge from Marquette/McGregor IA to Prairie du Chien WI

Looking north up the Mississppi

We saw cows and sheep from time to time though mostly corn

Another long stretch of road but this was one of the few en route that was not so bumpy I couldn't even take pictures!

Rte 61 bridge from WI to Dubuque IA

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  1. You really are getting to see the country. Fun to see these photos.


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