Saturday, November 7, 2015

Re-uning with more of my first "victims" May 21-25 2015 Norwell MA

I was already 25 by the time I figured out that I wanted to be a nurse so I did a 2 year course in NJ for an Associate's degree.  My plan was to go on and eventually become a nurse-midwife but as is the case with me-life intervened.  A vacation to visit friends who worked at a boarding school in the White Mountains of NH the February before I graduated, an epic blizzard (1978) and a week spent stuck there, resulted in my being offered a job as school nurse the following year.  So, fresh from nursing school with high ideals and lots of energy I became a school nurse to just over 100 teenagers.  I LOVED it!!! (I left the following year for another school nurse position that would allow me to teach health as well.) These kids were my first "victims."  From the typical "fevers" brought on my copious amounts of very hot coffee and a quick run to the infirmary (which I "cured" with rectal thermometers) to the complaints that would result in gym excuses (a good dose of Kaopectate guaranteed a cure that even worked as a preventative for the "victim's" friends) as well as the legitimate strep throats, broken limbs, mono and a few alcohol and drug problems, I loved all of them. It would be my experience with them, my being able to share and witness the changes, the angst and the delights of adolescents that allowed me to deal with our son's voyage through teenage-hood with very little worry. So, I was thrilled to find many of them on Facebook.  We'd already visited Casey in NC and now we were going to visit Conny at her home in Norwell, MA.  This time we'd be parked in their driveway and Conny had arranged a barbeque on the weekend-which would also be Memorial Day.

We left New London the day after the graduation and had an easy drive through Rhode Island up to MA.  We'd planned to stop over and see friends in RI but the route and timing didn't work and we left it for another time.  Parking in the driveway was easier than we thought and we were ensconced and fully set up by the time Conny arrived home from work.  And then we started have a good time.  Don loves yard work so he helped Conny's husband, Holly.  Conny took me to my first ever pedicure and we went on preserves and parks like Norris Reservation, World's End, and Wompatuck State Park.  Each day it was a new one.  Conny and I hit the Farmer's Market in Hingham and bought all sorts of delicious items which she then turned into Cordon Bleu meals and each night we sat talking and laughing late into the night.  On Sunday, Scot and Kristen came in from northern NH and northern MA, respectively and Matt and Steve sent their regrets.  What a trip and a treat it was for me to sit with now 50 something year olds whom I remember as 16 year olds.  The years melted away and I got to know them all over again and still liked them all as much as the first time.  Four days passed very quickly and before we knew it we were leaving again to head down to Cape Cod for a week.

An egret catches her lunch at Norris Reservation

It was a warm day and the walk in this cool forest was a treat

The Hingham Farmer's Market

Spring flowers-buttercups and Lilies of the Valley


Trees at World's End

Boston from World's End

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