Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Wonderful Overnight in Catawissa PA

We left Ulster Park on the morning of July 26 heading into what for us was largely unknown territory.  Until now, one or both of us had been to the areas we visited but, while we'd been to Philadelphia and surrounding area neither of us had been as far west as Pittsburgh or OH which was our destination by August 1. 

Wanting to take advantage of the much cheaper gas prices in NJ we chose the route that would take us down the NY Turnpike, dip down into NJ and then back again to NY to PA.  We were headed ultimately to Laurel Hill State Park in Somerset PA but it was too long a drive for one day.  So we decided to try out a farm in the Harvest Hosts program.  Harvest Hosts is a membership program for RVers which allows us to stay overnight at a farm or winery that is part of the host program.  In return for a free parking place-usually in a parking lot, but sometimes in a field- members are asked only to make a purchase in whatever store is on the premises.  Being July and a farm we wanted corn and planned to get other vegetables as well.

So, we drove down through southwestern NY toward NJ, got our gas and then back into NY until we go to PA and continued to the small town of Catawissa.  The farm market was alongside the road and when we'd called ahead they assured us there was room.  When we arrived the woman in charge asked where we wanted to park. Ha!  Free, fresh corn and veggies AND we got to pick our view.  So, we parked at the far edge of the lot overlooking the corn fields.  Then I got to go pick out corn and summer squash, greens and beans and ice cream, because hey, it was hot.  We sat and ate our ice cream and then sat in the shade and relaxed.  The market soon closed, everyone went home and we spent the evening in the fresh and warm air until it was time to sleep.  The next morning we awakened to a mist over the fields and in the sky which the sun's rays gradually burned off as we got on our way.

 Heading west in NY after NJ
 Coming out of NY into PA
 Need an Opera House?

 sun setting
 sunset's afterglow
 cart with corn
 Dawn came with muted colors and mist
 and Cadbury sat transfixed

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