Monday, April 18, 2016

Georgia and Alabama March 2016 Westward Ho! #1 Georgia and Alabama

Mar 18-21 2016 Eastbank COE Campground at Lake Seminole, Bainbridge, GA

Mar 21-24 2016 Deerlick Creek Campground, Tuscaloosa, AL

As I cried more silent tears, we pulled away from our son’s apartment on Mar 18 headed north and west on a route that will cross the southern states until we reach southern California where we plan to head north, spending the summer moving northward before turning south and east again in the fall...but “ya never know”...

First stop was a Corps of Engineer lake, Eastbank Campground in Bainbridge, GA.  It’s on Lake Seminole and the Jim Woodruff Dam is in FL.  It was a long- 8 hour-drive and we had only 3 nights there so other than bike rides over to the dam and meeting and talking to another couple who gave us all sorts of recommendation for campgrounds out west, we did little.  



Our next stop was at the fabulous Deerlick Creek Campground, also a Corps of Engineers site, just outside Tuscaloosa, AL.  It was another long drive but we arrived to a site that was at the end of the loop, perched on a bluff over Lake Tuscaloosa and absolutely beautiful.  Each site has a deck with a railing, picnic table, fire ring, grill and is sited to give the best view.  Our site was on the upper level but when we walked down to the next we found sites all along the road overlooking the water.  There were hiking/biking trails throughout the area which also has primitive camping sites (we had electricity and water) and a large area for day use.  Pleasure boaters and fishermen were using the lake below us.  And the crazy good thng was that we felt like we were in the middle of nowhere with only a few other intrepid (yeah, in our RV’s) souls and we were a 10 minute drive from the city of Tuscaloosa.  Having no desire for city time we didn’t not visit anything in town but I did “get” to go to the grocery store and enjoyed the drive in and back.

 The bad thing was that Phoenix, whose eyesight has been getting progressively worse, was having trouble walking and seemed to be really getting deafer. We wondered if she is nearing her final days and had to start considering what we will do. For now, she continues to ask to go out when she needs to-even though she has trouble negotiating the stairs-and loves her walks with her people. She is such a sweet and beautiful dog that people stop us and ask to pat her all the time which she enjoys to the point of telling them when they can stop...and it's usually after they have. She is excellent with children and we've had more than a few parents thank us as she is the first dog they have ever felt comfortable patting.

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