Friday, June 24, 2016

Arizona May 2016 Westward Ho! 18 Dead Horse Ranch State Park Cottonwood with Sedona AZ

We were going to the Sedona area because really old - OK, long time - friends were there and they were leaving in a few days.  I have known Sally and Peter since I first came to the states in the early 70s and it was because of them that I got my first nursing job at the White Mountain School in NH-even before I had passed my boards!  Several years ago at a mutual friend's funeral we had talked about our shared desire to travel around the country in an RV.  They started a year ahead of us and we have avidly followed their travels via Facebook.  Sally and I were determined to get together so, even though it was only 3 days, that was what we were going to do.

The drive was easy-ish with only the long descent on I-17 from the Mogollon Rim to Rte 89A a factor.  We'd arranged to meet Sally and Peter in Sedona for dinner so after settling in our spacious and beautifully situated campground-a former family ranch- we drove into Sedona mesmerized by the beautiful colors and shapes of the rock formations for which the area is known.

It took us a while to find a restaurant but then we had an enjoyable dinner sharing travel stories and catching up on news of family and friends.  And we decided that the next day we'd take a short hike on Cathedral Rock.

The sun was rising as I got up with Phoenix the first morning and 

the moon was setting

Our hike was spectacular with breathtaking views from the top where Sally and I walked out to the ledge for even better ones.  We then went for a quick driving tour around town and then had coffee before going back to our mutual campgrounds with plans to get together for another hike the next day.

This time Sally and Peter came to see our MoHo (theirs is a beautifully remodeled 1989 Airstream and their site for the past 3 months had been a shaded hollow right downtown with a nest of blue herons right outside their door. Yes, this life is ideal.)  After the "grand tour" and a nice hike on the Lime Kiln Trail we ventured into Old Cottonwood for a spectacularly good dinner and more good company at the Tavern Grill.  We bid adieu to our friends who were leaving the next day on even more far flung adventures and headed back for our last night in the campground as the full moon rose above us.  Beauty seems to surround us each way we turn no matter the time of day or night.

We did not have to leave the campground until noon on our last day so we took a short drive and visit to Jerome and Tuzigoot- ruins which Don had spied during one of his bike rides. But first this roadrunner came to say goodbye to Cadbury as he lay lazily in the shade of the RV. We got back just in time as the host came around at 5 minutes after noon to find out if we'd signed up for another day.  We were not charged but we've heard from others that staying past check out time can result in charges for another day. Yikes!

Oh how quickly the new (in Balmorhea) becomes "boring". 

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