Friday, June 24, 2016

Arizona May 2016 Westward Ho! 18a A visit to Jerome and Tuzigoot National Monument, Clarksdale AZ

The first night we'd driven home from Sedona, after dinner, we'd seen lights on the hillside in the distance.  At first Don thought it was our campground and Cottonwood but as we neared we saw it was further up the hill.  So, as we tend to do a LOT these days, we looked at a map and saw it was Jerome-about which we knew nothing.  Then when he was out riding his bike the next day Don saw some ruins on the top of a hill that intrigued him and came back to look THEM up and find that it is Tuzigoot-an ancient native village.  It's actually unusual for us to be in an area and not know about the various sites me might want to see but since the focus of our visit was seeing friends and our time was limited we hadn't looked.

So, after finding out from Sally that Jerome was worth visiting and what Tuzigoot was and seeing that we had some time on our last morning we drove up the steep, cliff-hanging road to Jerome to the museum to get an idea of what this once thriving copper mining town and now "recovering" ghost town is about.  Because we spent longer than we''d intended there, had limited time left and because of the driving we chose not to go into the town which I regret but "dems deh breaks."  We drove down through Clarksdale where the copper smelter is based and over to Tuzigoot where we did a pretty quick look see but satisfied our curiosity and decided that WHEN we return we'll visit it again along with the "sister" sites of Montezuma's Castle and Well.

The Jerome Historical State Park museum is housed in the Douglas Mansion, built by James Douglas who owned Little Daisy Mine.
the road up to Jerome was one that Don hates driving

AZ was the only state to ever have copper license plates

A schematic above and below ground of the Little Daisy Mine

One of the big problems in Jerome was disease.  I do not agree with the proliferation of vaccines and the indiscriminate use of them but, as a nurse, I know how many lives have been saved...

not to mention the ability for people to move about

And I thought the histories we had to take when admitting a patient were detailed!


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